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Worthless Imagination

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Emma Andersson
5 January 1990
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About me

I'm a girl born 1990 from Sweden. I'm obsessed with Photoshop and tv-shows, they are sort of my life. I love Lucy Lawless, Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Renee O'Connor. They are my role models and I hope I become just half as good as they are.
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Xena Warrior Princess, Charlie's angels, Cagney and Lacey, Grey's Anatomy, ER, Make it or break it, Ghost Whisperer, Spartacus Blood and Sand

♥ Credit me if you use them on LJ! Credit by writing my username in the comment of the userpic! Write like showed on the picture:

♥ Please leave a comment if you are snagging.

♥ I love when people use my stuff, even off-site, but if you do, please remember to credit my LJ!

♥ Icons without text ARE NOT BASES!

♥ Please do not hotlink! (READ: http://www.static8.com/hotlink.html)

♥ Do not claim as your own!

♥ Do not redistribute my artwork!

♥ Do not reuse my art! They are made by me and are original. You are not authorized to make your own artwork out of them.

♥ I take requests so if you have any, just write a comment.

♥ Have fun!

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